Using Google My Business successfully is like wielding any other digital power tool. With the right application, you can build a listing that’ll get found by the right people. With the wrong application, you could do some lasting damage to your online presence.

In 2020, the first page of Google search results is one of the environments where successful marketing can be found. Appearing at the top of page one gives automatic authority to a website. Google My Business results typically display at the top of page one, above the organic results.

Properly optimizing your Google My Business listing can be enough to make you appear frequently in local search results, and there are many ways you can monetize the traffic you’ll get as a result. 


How To Create A Google My Business Listing

Log in to the Google account you want to use, and go to on “Manage Now,” and then enter the information as prompted, starting with your business name.


Note: You only need to enter an address if you have a store, office or other location where you meet customers face to face. If your business provides goods or services to a specific area, you’ll be classified as a service area business. If that’s the case, make sure you tick the corresponding box at the bottom of the form. If you have a service area business, this is also where you’ll specify which areas you serve.

Lastly, choose your business category, and add your contact information. Then select “Finish” to move on to verification. 

Many businesses will have to verify via postcard, which can take up to two to four weeks to arrive. But some will get the option to verify by phone or email — be sure to check if you qualify for these speedier options.

How To Audit And Optimize Your Account

Once your business is verified, there are a number of ways to improve your odds of showing up in Google search results. Make sure you’ve filled out all the information fields possible, covering the keywords and topics relevant to your business. It’s also good to mention any special features or benefits that your business brings to the table. Are you bilingual? Mention it in your description!

You’ll also want to add a profile photo and upload a few other pictures that either display your location or give an idea of what you do. Current customers love to be able to see a business making progress, and showing that you’re actively evolving can help to attract new clients.

Double-check that everything is correct, and consider making a post or two to get things started. Google My Business posts can include images, text and call-to-action button links. They’re a great way to feature sales, draw more attention to your content or just get people clicking through to your website.

What You Need For Ongoing Success

Succeeding on Google My Business is a pretty simple formula, but it requires creativity and dedication to execute correctly. Here are some tips:

  • Appealing images are a must. Make them at least 720 x 720 pixels and either JPGs or PNGs.
  • Quick and open responses to customer reviews (whether positive or negative) will go a long way.
  • Checking your GMB insights at least once a week will keep you up to date on how different tactics and trends affect your business.

How To Stand Out From The Crowd

Keeping consistent with both the quantity and quality of your posts will set you apart from other businesses that allow their listings to languish. Pointing links from websites and other social platforms to your GMB listing should also help to improve your ranking.

Most brands don’t put enough effort into their GMB listings, so if you run a special promotion for your audience there, you’ll be more likely to get and maintain a potential buyer’s interest.

Final Thoughts On Optimizing Google My Business

When you manage to rank in the top three GMB listings for a local search term, it increases your exposure and your inherent authority significantly. This won’t just increase your traffic; it will increase your targeted buyer traffic. People who have money to spend and only a few minutes to make a decision will trust you based on your ranking, reviews, easy-to-comprehend descriptions and appealing images. When they click through to your website, the rest is up to you.


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